Dr. Fate: The Actual Game Reviewing Doctor

First, let’s get this out of the way: I actually am a doctor. I’m not a make you feel better, I can prescribe medicine doctor, but I earned a doctorate in English Literature from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a specialty in LGBT+ theory and animation.

I’ve also been playing video games since the original Nintendo (I’m kinda old), more or less keeping up for most of that time. My first console was a Super Nintendo, and I’ve logged thousands, likely hundreds of thousands, of hours on various video games.

I’ve also watched, read, and listened to dozens, close to hundreds of various reviews, and graded at least that many essays and the like.

Pretty sure this makes me moderately capable of producing reviews for video games.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m jumping in here. I have written reviews and have even had some stuff loosely published before (working on more). But this is my first blog (one look should make that obvious), and I’m still figuring out the ins and outs.

The goal here is to put out more Nintendo Switch game reviews, because I think it’s a good system, but to also offer some more reviews in general. While there are a lot of reviewers out there, there aren’t many that can also boast having a ph.d in English. I’ve got to put that to use somehow (I do teach at universities too).

I figure I can add on that additional view, particularly when analyzing some games’ plots and their presentation. So I won’t just be commenting on stuff that every gamer cares about: how the game plays, what’s its visual style, but also offering a little insight into the deeper ideas of the plot. Kinda a soft in depth reading.

Note that these are readings and this is a review site, so it is mostly going to be based on my pretty well informed opinion (see above for the whole informed bit). I’m cool with some civil engagement and the like, but I’m not looking to start flame wars. I’ll try to be civil in most reviews, but if a game really does something phenomenally stupid it’s likely to come out.

Let’s see… feels like I’m forgetting something…

Oh, right! I’m actually Dr. M. Loudon. The Fate handle is my long time gaming handle and online use thing. I made it originally as a joke on a roleplaying site as the account that would handle the world building, and I liked the sound of it and the whole connotation of being this being that worked with destiny. Figured it would transfer well here.

Now, hopefully we can start deciding the Fate of some games… or at least whether Fate favors them or not.

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