Fate’s Review System

The basic review system will be based on a 10 point scale loosely adapted from the one utilized by the YouTuber JelloApocalypse (site here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JelloApocalypse) for his various “In 10 Words or Less Reviews.”

No, my reviews will not be 10 words or less. I’m a Dr. of Literature, ergo, wordy as I possibly can be.

To break it down:

  1. This is a game that is complete and utter garbage, but somehow playable. The likelihood of my giving a game this core is incredibly low (particularly starting off, as I’m paying for each one). There’s just no redeemable qualities here, but hey, at least it’s playable.
  2. This game has something that just pulls it from being a flaming dumpster fire. Again: highly unlikely that I’m going to play something that scores this low (unless it’s inflicted upon me).
  3. Here’s the more likely lowest score we’ll see for a while. This is a game that had some kinda potential, but never quite lived up to it. It’s still significantly below average, but if it had been patched or tweaked or what have you, then maybe, just maybe…
  4. This is a below average game. It’s probably not worth the playing or consuming or what have you; not when there are dozens of other options. But it could have something very redeemable about it or hit a niche.
  5. Perfectly average. This lands right in the middle, and is a game that kinda engages the audience but doesn’t exactly wow me or anyone else with its overall potential. Probably worth the money if it’s in a genre you like or sounds interesting.
  6. Slightly above average. A game that was probably worth playing and has something that makes it stand out just a little. Maybe it’s a good system or a character or a plot or what have you. Likely worth picking up if you see it on sale.
  7. Here’s where they start getting good. This is an above average game and something I’m likely going to recommend to a player. It’s doing some stuff right, is engaging, and would probably be something I’d go back and play again. Definitely something to pick up if it’s in your price range.
  8. A great game. This is doing a lot right and showing that it’s very much worth my time and yours. It’s got a few flaws, but nothing that will detract from the overall experience. Recommended, maybe even when not on sale or a little pricey.
  9. Excellence lies here. This is likely the highest score that will show up with anything resembling frequency (okay, maybe 8). These are games with longstanding value and are doing everything incredibly well. Buuut they’re just short of perfection: something just isn’t quite working. Definitely worth getting.
  10. A game or product that is doing everything it set out to do and either has no flaws, or the flaws don’t get in the way of the overall experience. Anything that scores this high will end up on an end of the year review for me. (I experience maybe… two games or so of this quality a year? About the same for books).

Technically the original system went into negative scores, where it’s ironic enjoyment. I can only think of one game I’ve ever played where I’d do that (Kirby’s Dream Course; free on the SNES online player). So don’t expect to see it… at least initially (hey, I can hold out hope for free games or support from fans who want to see me suffer).

Additionally all these reviews will be relatively free-form. I’m not going to break it down by certain criteria or offer up direct opinions on, like, the graphics of everything. Story does matter a lot to me, as do characters, so those will be emphasized, but outside of that, expect loose reviews more or less. I do like the hard number for that final system.

What can I say? Fate’s in the numbers…

(why yes, there will be Fate puns continually; if I’m picking a pretentious handle, I’m gonna make fun of it at every opportunity).

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