Schedule Revision

It may have come to the attention of some that there was not a lighter midweek review this week. This is because I’m beginning to work on other, creative projects instead (another novel, basically), and as a result, I’m going to do what I had originally said I would do: shift to just doing one review a week (this week’s will go up shortly after this one). This should also do some slight uptick in quality, since I’m not pushing hard to finish two games within a week or come up with something else to talk about.

I will likely start sharing some of my more creative stuff here, even if this site is technically titled “Fate Reviews Stuff,” I figure I might as well share. I’ve a longrunning fanfiction I put together and also several novels either finished or in development. For those still looking for reviews and reflections, those will continue every Saturday.

Upcoming reviews/reflections:

  • Shredded Secrets (switch game)
  • Dark Deity (switch game)
  • Wife Quest (switch game)
  • Alliance Alive (switch game)
  • Telepath Tactics (PC game)
  • Kickstarter Reflection

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