Dark Deity: A Breezy, Yet Surprisingly Deep Fire-Emblem Inspired Gem

This one definitely feels a bit like cheating for me. Dark Deity is a game I backed on Kickstarter several years ago, as it obviously appealed greatly to my sensibilities. They claimed to be making a modern day Strategy RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem, and their Kickstarter exceeded their goals. What’s really impressiveContinue reading “Dark Deity: A Breezy, Yet Surprisingly Deep Fire-Emblem Inspired Gem”

Triangle Strategy Character Tier List

By now, many people are starting to get interest in Triangle Strategy. It’s one of Square-Enix’s projects that has gotten a good deal of positive feedback (including from me), and it’s still less than a month old or so. In that time, I have played through the game four times: two “new games” and twoContinue reading “Triangle Strategy Character Tier List”

Toppest Top Chef: My Inevitable Ranking of All the Seasons

As I mentioned a few weeks ago: I thoroughly enjoy watching Bravo’s Top Chef. It’s available on Hulu, which I’m already paying for (mostly because of these reality competition shows and a few others). I originally started this binge because Season 18 had just dropped on there, and I got so hooked I decided I’dContinue reading “Toppest Top Chef: My Inevitable Ranking of All the Seasons”

Chocobo GP

One look at pretty much anything involving Chocobo GP and you pretty well get an idea of what you’re getting. The title screen essentially promises everything the game has to offer: achingly adorable characters in strange vehicles racing one another for reasons of their own devising. It looks every inch like the mascot kart racerContinue reading “Chocobo GP”

Triangle Strategy: Square-Enix Aiming for Their Own Throne

I’ve mentioned Final Fantasy Tactics before. If you plan and/or write about Strategy/Tactical Role Playing Games (SRPGs) like I do, then it comes up. This game came out on the original Playstation almost two decades ago, and essentially popularized the genre over here. It tells the grand story of Ramza Beoulve, the disgraced youngest sonContinue reading “Triangle Strategy: Square-Enix Aiming for Their Own Throne”

Bravely Default 2: Bravely Going Where Several Have Gone Before

Four warriors are drawn together through the tides of destiny. Each sets out with their own separate goal: a purpose in mind. One looks to save her kingdom; another searches for a lost person; another to uncover mysteries; the last… the last is there to help and to have adventures. They find themselves blessed byContinue reading “Bravely Default 2: Bravely Going Where Several Have Gone Before”

Earthbound: Beginnings

The Earthbound series has gained something of a cult classic status among games. On the surface, Beginnings here is another of several Dragon Quest/Warrior clones that started around the late eighties. DQ is one of the longest standing turn based JRPGs, and is the series that is still known for excellence and selling big inContinue reading “Earthbound: Beginnings”