Fate’s Top 10 Metroidvanias

Usually these depth reviews are deep dives into something gaming that utilizes some of my doctorate in English and go in depth about a game. I do have one planned for Spiritfarer, but that game literally deals with death. I’m way too emotionally drained to work on that, so instead I’m putting this. This isContinue reading “Fate’s Top 10 Metroidvanias”

Ikenfell: Queer Representation, Kick Butt Music, and the Necessity of Seasons

There is a review of Ikenfell on Metacritic that dismisses the game entirely, calling it LGBTWTF trash, too obsessed with representation to be a good game. There are of course several other reviews there that are from people who are quite into the game (every game has its fans) and from more levelheaded people whoContinue reading “Ikenfell: Queer Representation, Kick Butt Music, and the Necessity of Seasons”

Deltarune Chapter 2

This was one of those big surprise drops/reveals during the absolutely loaded Nintendo Direct that happened just a few months ago. I got nearly as excited about this as I did some of the other teases and surprise drops (I bought the ActRaiser remake almost immediately after, which further shows that I do play gamesContinue reading “Deltarune Chapter 2”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Missed Opportunities and Multicolored Queer Protagonists

An in depth essay and discussion What’s left to say about a game that’s already been out for two years? It almost seems a little presumptuous to assume that there’s something more that I can add, even with the whole advanced degree. When it comes to the basic mechanics and the like, there’s really nothingContinue reading “Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Missed Opportunities and Multicolored Queer Protagonists”

Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons

A Glimpse of Fate I actually took some time to think about what the first game I would review for this site, and by extension review in this kinda semi-professional manner would be. Should it be Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the game I’ve sunk over 600 hours into and that I bought a Switch for?Continue reading “Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons”

Dr. Fate: The Actual Game Reviewing Doctor

First, let’s get this out of the way: I actually am a doctor. I’m not a make you feel better, I can prescribe medicine doctor, but I earned a doctorate in English Literature from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a specialty in LGBT+ theory and animation. I’ve also been playing video games since the originalContinue reading “Dr. Fate: The Actual Game Reviewing Doctor”

Loose Scheduling

*Note: I’m currently working two jobs and this isn’t quite pulling in money (I hope it’ll get me some eventually). So if work hits me hard, usually grading, then I may push something. Overall goal is two reviews a week for a while: Glimpse of Fate will be midweek (Wednesday or Thursday) reviews. These areContinue reading “Loose Scheduling”

Fate’s Review System

The basic review system will be based on a 10 point scale loosely adapted from the one utilized by the YouTuber JelloApocalypse (site here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JelloApocalypse) for his various “In 10 Words or Less Reviews.” No, my reviews will not be 10 words or less. I’m a Dr. of Literature, ergo, wordy as I possibly canContinue reading “Fate’s Review System”