Glimpses, Depths, and More


Soundfall is a rhythm based looter shooter with RPG elements that just came out last week (I know, shocker! A game that’s not twenty plus years old!). That’s a lot of add-ons, and it’s also a lot of add-ons that really appeal to me as a player. I grew up during the whole Dance DanceContinue reading “Soundfall”

Nine Parchments

It’s a little hard to categorize Nine Parchments. In this game, you control one of several possible apprentice wizards who are aiming to get their Nine Parchments, because once they collect them and seal them in their spellbooks, they become fully fledged wizards. Due to some magical mishap, the parchments have been scattered throughout theContinue reading “Nine Parchments”


Iconoclasts is one of my favorite metroidvanias, though not for the usual reasons. In fact, I’d argue that when it comes to the various metroidvania elements, Iconoclasts is a bit of a letdown. However, it has one of the best stories I’ve ever seen, period, even if it is relentlessly dark. Iconoclasts follows the journeyContinue reading “Iconoclasts”

Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games

I regularly watch several video game critics, as well as reading several magazines, reviews, etc. It’s part of what I do just in normal, but definitely something I pay attention to now that I’m regularly writing on video games myself. Lately I’ve been into Geek Critique, a YouTuber who regularly goes into various video gamesContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games”

Wife Quest

This is a bad game, and you’d be better off spending your $5 on a different game, or spending just another $5-$10 to get a good game (Hollow Knight’s $15, though if you’re looking here, you probably already played it). 2 poor graphics, game-breaking glitches, weird tone, stiff controls, monotonous music, confusing item descriptions; thisContinue reading “Wife Quest”

Dark Deity: A Breezy, Yet Surprisingly Deep Fire-Emblem Inspired Gem

This one definitely feels a bit like cheating for me. Dark Deity is a game I backed on Kickstarter several years ago, as it obviously appealed greatly to my sensibilities. They claimed to be making a modern day Strategy RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem, and their Kickstarter exceeded their goals. What’s really impressiveContinue reading “Dark Deity: A Breezy, Yet Surprisingly Deep Fire-Emblem Inspired Gem”


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