Glimpses, Depths, and More


This game proves that above all else, games need good controls in order to be good. The premise of Nefarious is pretty interesting. You control Crow, the villain of a particular video game world. He’s used to kidnapping a princess, running to his massive airship base, and dealing with the hero, Mack, who would ofContinue reading “Nefarious”


Another week, another poorly made retro JRPG throwback. Earthlock promises to be something of a throwback to old JRPGs from the Playstation era. That’s a weirdly specific time to select, one that often gets ignored in favor of the sprite-based years on the SNES. There’s a longstanding argument about when precisely the golden age ofContinue reading “Earthlock”

Stardew Valley: Nuance, Worldbuilding, and Surprising Characterization

Stardew Valley has been around for over six years now. There are already countless other reviews, guides, interviews, mods, details, and perspectives around the game. Naturally that means that I’m going to mostly just skim the review portion of the game to pretty well agree with the consensus here: Stardew Valley is, in most ways,Continue reading “Stardew Valley: Nuance, Worldbuilding, and Surprising Characterization”


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