River City Girls

This game sneaked up on me. I had been watching several videos involving Double Dragon (or at least one 10+ hour one where creator Matt McMuscles played every single game in the series), and I was getting the urge to play some beat-em-ups, ideally in that series. Instead, it pointed me toward River City Girls,Continue reading “River City Girls”

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

When it comes to these Final Fantasy games, I’m not sure which of the two I played first. My first real system growing up was the SNES, and while it took me a little while to get into JRPGs, they were one of the first types of games I can remember eagerly seeking out. IContinue reading “Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster”

Curse of the Sea Rats

I backed this game when it first hit Kickstarter, because it looked like it would be exactly the kind of game I like: a metroidvania with an absolutely gorgeous art style. I got my key right on release day along with everyone else, and for that first day of playing the majority of the game,Continue reading “Curse of the Sea Rats”

F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch

This is a slightly above average Metroidvania game that wasted some of its potential. The games that are around average are often quite tricky to write about. When a game is good and/or enjoyable, then I can easily rhapsodize about how it’s an incredible game that people should seek out. If it’s particularly good, IContinue reading “F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch”

Front Mission: 1st Remake

In a lot of ways this was one of my most anticipated games of 2022. It wasn’t nearly as far up there as Triangle Strategy or Live a Live, partially because I was fairly certain I’d played it before (Front Mission was released on the Nintendo DS), and partially because it was being promoted asContinue reading “Front Mission: 1st Remake”