Panzer Dragoon Remake

The opening to Panzer Dragoon Remake feels like finding an undiscovered cult classic movie of the eighties/nineties. For nearly ten minutes, a story plays out before the player’s eyes. This details how a young man, unnamed in the game (but named Erik according to wikis, which are actually one of the best sources of infoContinue reading “Panzer Dragoon Remake”

Steamworld Dig 2

It’s a little ironic to be mentioning this game so soon after mentioning its prequel (the Carrion review). Steamworld Dig is one of my least favorite Metroidvanias. It wasn’t like it was a bad game (like Carrion), but it was just aggressively average. The exploration was average; the story was average; the graphics looked likeContinue reading “Steamworld Dig 2”

Actraiser Renaissance

When the Nintendo Direct announcements came in September, they announced a lot of exciting new games and features for people. I got excited for all kinds of strange, nostalgic games: the Castlevania Advance collection (I’m still waiting for a sale), the new Chocobo Racing came… and a completely surprise remake from Square-Enix of the SNESContinue reading “Actraiser Renaissance”

Deltarune Chapter 2

This was one of those big surprise drops/reveals during the absolutely loaded Nintendo Direct that happened just a few months ago. I got nearly as excited about this as I did some of the other teases and surprise drops (I bought the ActRaiser remake almost immediately after, which further shows that I do play gamesContinue reading “Deltarune Chapter 2”

Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons

A Glimpse of Fate I actually took some time to think about what the first game I would review for this site, and by extension review in this kinda semi-professional manner would be. Should it be Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the game I’ve sunk over 600 hours into and that I bought a Switch for?Continue reading “Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons”