It’s Hard to Make a Good Metroidvania

Prior to last Black Friday, I had quite good luck when it came to metroidvanias. I’d occasionally stumble onto one that was poorly made, like Carrion (which somehow gets awards, which I still don’t understand). I had recently gotten Death’s Gambit on sale, which made me wonder if there weren’t quite a few metroidvania gamesContinue reading “It’s Hard to Make a Good Metroidvania”

Tormented Souls

(Note/Warning: Tormented Souls is definitely an adult game with various horror themes; I’ll try to avoid getting too graphic in the pictures or description, but some of it may seep through) Tormented Souls wants to emulate the old third person horror games from the Playstation days, back when the first three Resident Evil games, SilentContinue reading “Tormented Souls”

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Clearly after several weeks of spooky or spooky themed games or at least games involving death and darkness, it’s time to really ramp things up for October… … by looking at a brilliantly colored game that revels in enjoyment and light. This game of the too long, complicated name, is one of those that wasContinue reading “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore”

Retroarch: Game Preservation and Trying New Things

The Magical Land of Wozz is a bizarre game. Despite its name, it has almost nothing to do with Oz and makes pretty much no references to it, even in the fan translation that most English speakers are likely to play. As I was describing the game’s plot to a friend, they pointed out thatContinue reading “Retroarch: Game Preservation and Trying New Things”

Triangle Strategy Character Tier List

By now, many people are starting to get interest in Triangle Strategy. It’s one of Square-Enix’s projects that has gotten a good deal of positive feedback (including from me), and it’s still less than a month old or so. In that time, I have played through the game four times: two “new games” and twoContinue reading “Triangle Strategy Character Tier List”

Toppest Top Chef: My Inevitable Ranking of All the Seasons

As I mentioned a few weeks ago: I thoroughly enjoy watching Bravo’s Top Chef. It’s available on Hulu, which I’m already paying for (mostly because of these reality competition shows and a few others). I originally started this binge because Season 18 had just dropped on there, and I got so hooked I decided I’dContinue reading “Toppest Top Chef: My Inevitable Ranking of All the Seasons”