Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

I have mentioned previously that my favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy IX, which came out on Playstation in 2000. Ironically, if you had asked me around that time period what my favorite game actually was, only the first two words/letters of that response would be the same. I would be insteadContinue reading “Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster”

In Defense of the Hobbit Movies

I like the Hobbit films. That’s probably not all that surprising, given my opinions here and the fact that fantasy novels regularly appear in my top ten lists. This is probably increasingly unsurprising because I’ve frequently mentioned that I have a doctorate in English Literature. Nearly everyone who’s this far into their English academic careerContinue reading “In Defense of the Hobbit Movies”

Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Just a glance at almost any shot of the game and a savvy individual can tell that the game is clearly pulling from those SNES sprite based RPGs (arguably one of the golden ages of such games). As someone who supported the Kickstarter (my name’s in theContinue reading “Chained Echoes”

Persona 5: Philosophy and Sexual Assault – Depth in Games and the Problems of Sexuality

Persona 5 is every bit the amazing, once in a generation video game that everyone says it is, and if you have any interest in playing it or any JRPG ever, you should give it a try. 10 a completely enthralling and engaging experience nearly from its beginning to the end of its 100+ hourContinue reading “Persona 5: Philosophy and Sexual Assault – Depth in Games and the Problems of Sexuality”

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Nostalgia and Emotion While We Play

Bloodstained is another of those with an interesting back story. It’s well known as a Kickstarter project that played to gamers’ nostalgia. Koji Igarashi is moderately well known as the developer of several Castlevania games, most noticeably Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow. He’d stated that he’d make a new game in thatContinue reading “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Nostalgia and Emotion While We Play”

La Pucelle: Ragnarok – How to Do a Rerelease Right

Note: this review/essay is going to get very spoiler heavy, particularly toward the end I did not buy Prinny Presents 3 for La Pucelle Ragnarok, though I know for many/most, that was one of the bigger selling points. For me, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure held a lot more nostalgia and was a far more appealingContinue reading “La Pucelle: Ragnarok – How to Do a Rerelease Right”

Live a Live: Thematic Evil and Intertwining Narratives

Live a Live is a weird game. You only need look up a few of the reviews to get an idea for that. Originally released only in Japan in 1994 on the SNES, this RPG has been considered something of a hidden gem ever since. A fanmade translation patch came out for it in theContinue reading “Live a Live: Thematic Evil and Intertwining Narratives”

Stardew Valley: Nuance, Worldbuilding, and Surprising Characterization

Stardew Valley has been around for over six years now. There are already countless other reviews, guides, interviews, mods, details, and perspectives around the game. Naturally that means that I’m going to mostly just skim the review portion of the game to pretty well agree with the consensus here: Stardew Valley is, in most ways,Continue reading “Stardew Valley: Nuance, Worldbuilding, and Surprising Characterization”

Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games

I regularly watch several video game critics, as well as reading several magazines, reviews, etc. It’s part of what I do just in normal, but definitely something I pay attention to now that I’m regularly writing on video games myself. Lately I’ve been into Geek Critique, a YouTuber who regularly goes into various video gamesContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games”

Bravely Default 2: Bravely Going Where Several Have Gone Before

Four warriors are drawn together through the tides of destiny. Each sets out with their own separate goal: a purpose in mind. One looks to save her kingdom; another searches for a lost person; another to uncover mysteries; the last… the last is there to help and to have adventures. They find themselves blessed byContinue reading “Bravely Default 2: Bravely Going Where Several Have Gone Before”