Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games

I regularly watch several video game critics, as well as reading several magazines, reviews, etc. It’s part of what I do just in normal, but definitely something I pay attention to now that I’m regularly writing on video games myself. Lately I’ve been into Geek Critique, a YouTuber who regularly goes into various video gamesContinue reading “Final Fantasy IX: The Game That Makes Me Love Games”

Loose Scheduling

*Note: I’m currently working two jobs and this isn’t quite pulling in money (I hope it’ll get me some eventually). So if work hits me hard, usually grading, then I may push something. Overall goal is two reviews a week for a while: Glimpse of Fate will be midweek (Wednesday or Thursday) reviews. These areContinue reading “Loose Scheduling”

Fate’s Review System

The basic review system will be based on a 10 point scale loosely adapted from the one utilized by the YouTuber JelloApocalypse (site here: for his various “In 10 Words or Less Reviews.” No, my reviews will not be 10 words or less. I’m a Dr. of Literature, ergo, wordy as I possibly canContinue reading “Fate’s Review System”