River City Girls

This game sneaked up on me. I had been watching several videos involving Double Dragon (or at least one 10+ hour one where creator Matt McMuscles played every single game in the series), and I was getting the urge to play some beat-em-ups, ideally in that series. Instead, it pointed me toward River City Girls,Continue reading “River City Girls”

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

When it comes to these Final Fantasy games, I’m not sure which of the two I played first. My first real system growing up was the SNES, and while it took me a little while to get into JRPGs, they were one of the first types of games I can remember eagerly seeking out. IContinue reading “Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster”

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster

I have mentioned previously that my favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy IX, which came out on Playstation in 2000. Ironically, if you had asked me around that time period what my favorite game actually was, only the first two words/letters of that response would be the same. I would be insteadContinue reading “Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster”

Final Fantasy VIII: An Uneven Classic

There’s always this weirdness that comes when I’m reviewing a classic game like this. I did Final Fantasy IX, my favorite game, last year during a lull in releases and playing new games. Thanks to the release of the Pixel Remasters, there’s no danger of that for a good while (I’ve basically got Final FantasyContinue reading “Final Fantasy VIII: An Uneven Classic”

Curse of the Sea Rats

I backed this game when it first hit Kickstarter, because it looked like it would be exactly the kind of game I like: a metroidvania with an absolutely gorgeous art style. I got my key right on release day along with everyone else, and for that first day of playing the majority of the game,Continue reading “Curse of the Sea Rats”

Aeterna Noctis: Challenge =/= Entertainment

Aeterna Noctis is an absolutely gorgeous Metroidvania with some of the most unique areas I’ve ever explored in a game of its type. In addition to that, it has a gripping story with some fun ideas and twists built into it. It’s also a relentlessly difficult game with stiff controls that don’t quite work asContinue reading “Aeterna Noctis: Challenge =/= Entertainment”