Aeterna Noctis: Challenge =/= Entertainment

Aeterna Noctis is an absolutely gorgeous Metroidvania with some of the most unique areas I’ve ever explored in a game of its type. In addition to that, it has a gripping story with some fun ideas and twists built into it. It’s also a relentlessly difficult game with stiff controls that don’t quite work asContinue reading “Aeterna Noctis: Challenge =/= Entertainment”

Octopath Traveler II: Sequels Done Right

Before I got to playing this game, the worst thing I’d heard about it is that it’s essentially more of the first game. Seeing as Octopath Traveler is currently my second most played Switch game, with three full playthroughs on it, I was naturally quite pleased with that revelation. I most definitely could and wouldContinue reading “Octopath Traveler II: Sequels Done Right”

Fire Emblem: Engage(ing) With the Franchise’s Queer Handlings

Let’s get the easy, sort of obvious thing out of the way first. Fire Emblem: Engage is a pretty good game when you take in everything. It’s plot is a bit basic, but it makes a decent attempt at putting a few twists in, though most of them take place later in the game. TheContinue reading “Fire Emblem: Engage(ing) With the Franchise’s Queer Handlings”

Fire Emblem: Engage – Character Ranking

After nearly a month, I finally finished the story campaign of Fire Emblem: Engage. As you’d probably expect for having that long with the game, I have quite a lot to say about it. I technically played it through twice, though my first save stopped a few story missions before the ending (I wanted toContinue reading “Fire Emblem: Engage – Character Ranking”

Unpopular Opinions and Tactics Ogre: Reborn

I was looking forward to this game. It was one of my most anticipated games of last year, and it dropped within a month of Persona 5. I thought for sure that the two games combined were just going to eat away my time, making me want nothing more than to keep playing them, toContinue reading “Unpopular Opinions and Tactics Ogre: Reborn”

Front Mission: 1st Remake

In a lot of ways this was one of my most anticipated games of 2022. It wasn’t nearly as far up there as Triangle Strategy or Live a Live, partially because I was fairly certain I’d played it before (Front Mission was released on the Nintendo DS), and partially because it was being promoted asContinue reading “Front Mission: 1st Remake”

Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes wears its inspiration on its sleeve. Just a glance at almost any shot of the game and a savvy individual can tell that the game is clearly pulling from those SNES sprite based RPGs (arguably one of the golden ages of such games). As someone who supported the Kickstarter (my name’s in theContinue reading “Chained Echoes”

Persona 5: Philosophy and Sexual Assault – Depth in Games and the Problems of Sexuality

Persona 5 is every bit the amazing, once in a generation video game that everyone says it is, and if you have any interest in playing it or any JRPG ever, you should give it a try. 10 a completely enthralling and engaging experience nearly from its beginning to the end of its 100+ hourContinue reading “Persona 5: Philosophy and Sexual Assault – Depth in Games and the Problems of Sexuality”

La Pucelle: Ragnarok – How to Do a Rerelease Right

Note: this review/essay is going to get very spoiler heavy, particularly toward the end I did not buy Prinny Presents 3 for La Pucelle Ragnarok, though I know for many/most, that was one of the bigger selling points. For me, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure held a lot more nostalgia and was a far more appealingContinue reading “La Pucelle: Ragnarok – How to Do a Rerelease Right”