Earthbound: Beginnings

The Earthbound series has gained something of a cult classic status among games. On the surface, Beginnings here is another of several Dragon Quest/Warrior clones that started around the late eighties. DQ is one of the longest standing turn based JRPGs, and is the series that is still known for excellence and selling big inContinue reading “Earthbound: Beginnings”

Guilty Pleasures, Game Preservation, and a Touch of Madness

Previously there was a game that was only released on the original playstation. This game was one of several RPGs that came to our shores after the absolutely massive success of Final Fantasy 7. FF7 informed the public that RPGs could be a thing, and everybody wanted a piece of Squaresoft’s (now Square-Enix) pie. ThisContinue reading “Guilty Pleasures, Game Preservation, and a Touch of Madness”

Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles debuted on the PS3 all the way back in 2008, so it feels almost redundant at this point to review it, particularly since the fourth game in the series released for the Switch back in 2018 (which, ironically, was the same year that this game came out). However, unlike some games, this particularContinue reading “Valkyria Chronicles”

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

My experience with the Disgaea franchise goes all the way back to its beginning. I picked up a copy of the first game when it came out on PS2, recognizing the publisher, Atlus, as a major publisher of niche, fun RPGs and strategy RPGs. The quirky game promised that you’d get to play through theContinue reading “Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny”

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Everybody wants to be the next Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s been twenty plus years, and people are still aping the overall style and strategy of this classic game: classes, characters earning AP for various jobs, mixing and matching characters, and to top it all off: a grand, epic story that draws upon political epics. AnyoneContinue reading “Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark”

Tales of Vesperia: The Game I Might Not Finish

Thus far, I’ve been writing exclusively about games I’ve actually beaten. I don’t think there’s an actual reviewers code or anything along those lines regarding that sort of thing, but it feels right. After all, you can’t really comment on the entirety of the game without having played it through. You can comment on theContinue reading “Tales of Vesperia: The Game I Might Not Finish”

Ikenfell: Queer Representation, Kick Butt Music, and the Necessity of Seasons

There is a review of Ikenfell on Metacritic that dismisses the game entirely, calling it LGBTWTF trash, too obsessed with representation to be a good game. There are of course several other reviews there that are from people who are quite into the game (every game has its fans) and from more levelheaded people whoContinue reading “Ikenfell: Queer Representation, Kick Butt Music, and the Necessity of Seasons”

Deltarune Chapter 2

This was one of those big surprise drops/reveals during the absolutely loaded Nintendo Direct that happened just a few months ago. I got nearly as excited about this as I did some of the other teases and surprise drops (I bought the ActRaiser remake almost immediately after, which further shows that I do play gamesContinue reading “Deltarune Chapter 2”